Acronis adds EDR to endpoint security

Acronis launched an endpoint detection and response platform for Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. It adds to Acronis’ security portfolio in its push to become a comprehensive platform for managed services providers, value-added resellers and enterprises but competes in a crowded market.

The EDR platform is designed to detect anomalous user behavior and events on corporate endpoints, including laptops and mobile devices, in an effort to catch and contain cyber attacks. It works alongside Acronis’ other endpoint security technologies, including signature-based and heuristic-based anti-malware, to provide visibility into more complex attacks such as zero days.
Acronis EDR is also integrated with Intel’s threat detection technology (TDT), a system on a chip architecture used to uncover attacks such as fileless malware that get deployed in memory.
Analysts see the additional endpoint security technology as filling …

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