Early-stage companies pursue the practical at CIO event

Tech startups are sometimes lumped in with endeavors that, while interesting, may not serve a practical purpose.
The early-stage companies selected as finalists for the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium’s Innovation Showcase span a range of emerging technologies, including generative AI, low-code/no-code and serverless cloud. Their accent, however, is on practical problems, such as dealing with the daily flood of business documents, speeding up digital transformation projects and reducing spiraling cloud costs.

The finalists discussed their product offerings this week at MIT Sloan’s annual CIO event in Cambridge, Mass. How organizations adapt to change and remain resilient in an uncertain world was a key theme across several panel discussions. The emphasis on dealing flexibly with fast-moving business challenges spilled over into the startups’ messaging.

Generative AI platform focuses on documents
Kognitos, an Innovation Showcase finalist based in …

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