Follow a 6-phase roadmap to secure cyber-physical systems

Cyber-physical systems connect the digital and physical worlds. They can come in many forms, including industrial control systems, operational technology devices, IoT, and robotic and autonomous systems. As these systems connect to each other and to enterprise systems, however, they greatly expand the enterprise attack surface.

CPSes are increasingly targeted for cyber attacks for two main reasons. First, they underpin all critical infrastructure supporting national economic prosperity. Attacks on these systems often incorporate a national security dimension, as evidenced by attacks on a U.S. gas pipeline operator, the Ukrainian power grid and Belarusian railroads. Second, these systems underpin production and mission-critical systems for organizations in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, healthcare delivery and utilities. This makes them attractive targets for attackers attempting to demand ransomware payments to prevent shutdowns.
Security and risk management leaders face challenges updating their …

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