Fivetran’s new funding a hedge against economic uncertainty

With the economic outlook remaining unpredictable, Fivetran Inc. recently added funding as a hedge against a potential downturn.
On May 18, the vendor took on $125 million in debt financing from Vista Credit Partners. That brought its total funding to $853.1 million following a Series D venture capital funding round of $565 million in September 2021 and a Series C VC funding round of $100 million in June 2020.

Debt financing is essentially borrowing capital without giving away a stake in the company, while VC funding is the exchange of an equity stake in the company for capital.
Fivetran, founded in 2012, is a data integration specialist whose array of connectors enable organizations to move data from their many sources into databases, data warehouses and data lakes. In recent months, the vendo …

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