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Terms & Conditions

1.welcome to digital services
By using any of’s digital services including various apps, console platforms and sites such as,,,,, .ca,,,,, you agree to comply with these terms of use, the submission guidelines as well as all applicable laws. These terms of use may be amended from time to time, so please come back to review them periodically: they constitute a binding agreement between you and the Singapore broadcasting corporation (
In accordance with our mandate as the public broadcaster, allows you to access a variety of public-interest content, for your information and entertainment. It also makes available a digital public space for sharing ideas, comments and creations, and for participating in the community through interactive activities. is responsible for the content of its own productions and those it commissions.
when you interact with digital services, you are responsible for the content you contribute by any means, whether through comments, in discussion forums or in programming-related activities, such as contests, interactive activities and also including using third-party social media. You must follow the submission guidelines and you must hold all of the required rights and authorizations to the content of your submissions, and you grant to a licence to reproduce and broadcast it.
specific terms apply to sites allowing discussion, including the requirement to register beforehand. The information gathered ensures transparency in public debate and accountability of participants. Information may also be used for statistical and informational analyses and public opinion trend monitoring, among other things.
If you access digital services through third-parties’ platforms such as facebook, twitter or others, their terms of use apply in addition to the one of content
a.       May i use content?
No, unless otherwise authorized. does not allow the reproduction or public communication of content that it produces or commissions, so as to protect the credibility and integrity of content that it broadcasts and to ensure fulfilment of the agreements with its authors, artists and others partners. Your access to digital services does not give you any rights to that content.
As Singapore’s public broadcaster, produces content or commissions it from third parties. That content usually requires working with partners or the public and negotiating rights with media artists, news agencies, authors, musicians and performers, for the use of pictures (videos, photos, drawings) and material from third-parties; those rights are protected by law.
b.      Do these terms of use apply to news feeds (rss) and podcasts?
Yes.these terms also apply to the use of nieuwss.nlnews feeds. Any use other than for private purposes must be subject to an agreement with specifying the conditions for use with due regard for the integrity of the content. You agree not to frame the news feed or its content, nor to use similar means to generate unauthorized benefits.
c.       May i repost content from digital services?
Yes, but only by hyperlinks or by special may place links to digital pages on your own web pages or sites or on social media. You may not repost content from digital services in any other way without first obtaining a licence. may, at its sole discretion, intervene to remove content communicated to the public without authorization on third-party sites and take legal action to enforce its rights.
d.      What rights do i have to software and applications made available for my use by digital services?
Only for navigating. Some web activities require the use of software or applications—e.g., digital markers including cookies—specifically developed for such purpose. When such software and applications are made available to you, you have the right to download and use them for the sole purpose as intended by, but you have no other rights to reproduce, modify or adapt them for any purposes whatsoever.
e.      Who should i address if i feel that content on digital services infringes my rights (copyright, image)?
Audience services. You must notify audience services as soon as possible. Notification must contain enough detail to enable us to easily locate the content in question as well as the information needed to contact you. You must, in fact, hold the rights to the material being infringed. On receiving such notification, will investigate as required and make the appropriate decisions.
f.        Are official marks, trademarks, logos and identifications of media and programs on digital services protected?
Yes, all of them are legally protected and you need prior written permission to use them.